The teenager has caught the eye of spectators at the ongoing 2010 Yaba Female Football Competition.

Coming from a royal family in Nigeria, Sarata Bello has so far fulfilled the first phase of her dream.

Hailing from an area which has a rich history of unearthing Nigerian internationals, Sarata has never been short of inspiration to one day don the green and white of the Super Falcons.

“I am happy to have such an opportunity at a young age, to come here and represent Methodist High School.

“I thank organizers for this opportunity. If there wasn’t a tournament I would not be here enjoying the fruits of being a hardworking soccer player.

“Organizers have transformed me into a better person.

“I want to use this tournament as a foundation for my career and a huge stepping for me to one day play in a big league or play for the Super Falcons of Nigeria,” said Bello.

When the soft spoken utility player was quizzed about what she would do if she was not a footballer or if she was to stop playing football tomorrow, she was not shy to emphasize where her ambitions lie.

“If for certain reasons beyond my control I do not make it as a footballer I would pursue a career in health sector or sports Administration.”


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