Taraba State FA Crisis: We Will Never Stop Until Stolen Mandate Is Returned – FA Chairman

Chairman, Taraba State Football Association, Mahmud Sanusi has said that it is not yet to party as he has to wait for the Federal High Court, Jalingo hearing slated for January 19th, 2021.

The Federal High Court had on Wednesday granted an interlocutory injunction restraining Timothy Heman Magaji from parading himself as the elected chairman of Taraba State Football Association.

The Court also restraint the Nigeria Football Federation from taking any further step whatsoever regarding the matter or making any punitive decision affecting the Taraba State Football Association negatively pending the January 19th hearing and determination of the motion notice.

The elated chairman, Mahmud Sanusi while speaking exclusively with BSN Sports said they had to seek redress from Court because no one seems to listen to yearning of Taraba state football lovers.

“This is something we have been following since last year and from what is happening we actually have to seek redress lawfully because we have been trying to get attention to come to us but nobody has responded to us. So,we have to take the necessary step.”

Throwing more lights on why he approached the court, he added .
“We have written to the bodies concerned several times but we didn’t get any response. People who gave me the mandate believe that is the best thing to do and I cant betray them and we told our lawyer to do the right thing for us and when we got the interlocutory injunction I couldn’t believe the number of people waiting for this kind of news to break . Everybody is happy as if we have won the case already.

He urged the Nigeria Football Federation to find a lasting solution to the problem that derails the development of football in Taraba state adding that nothing will stop him and how people from recovering the stolen mandate.

“This is something the NFF should look keenly into and see how they can solve the issue if not this thing we go to the last. There’s nothing that will stop us from getting that stolen mandate back. With the divide you know football will definitely be affected because they have successfully divided the house. Right now, they’re using the same people that have been loyal to us to set up another body in the local government. These are people that are elected till 2023. This same people are now organising different leagues and these are not good for the development of the game. We are supposed to be one family and put all hands together on a particular program at a time.

So, with this issues, they wouldn’t know what we’re going through, so, we wrote them to let them know all these but all our complaints have no response. But with this, I think the attention will come back to us and they will understand the kind of situation we are going through because football is dying in Taraba.

“The next thing is for us to wait for the Court to wait for what will happen on 19th January when the hearing in the Federal High Court Jalingo will appear in course to see what will transpire.” He concluded.

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