Ademetan Abayomi provides a detailed scout report on Anayo Emmanuel Iwuala, Enyimba’s talented winger.

One of the players to watch out for is Anayo Iwuala. Learning his weaknesses and striving to improve them with every season, he’s shown a lot of change in recent years and being still only 21, he’s got a lot to prove.

He’s also a regular and fair to say a Fatai Osho favourite for the Enyimba team. With much criticism from others, he’s continued to defy the odds and perform to a high standard in the Enyimba side and shut everyone up. He has been one of the most important players to the People’s Elephants and can be seen as the “next star” in this new coming Nigerian generation.

Who is Anayo Emmanuel Iwuala?

Nicknamed “Hazard” because of his crafty way of getting past defenders, Anayo was born on May 20th, 1999. He has played for Kada City and Delta Force in the past.

What is his Style of Play?

Anayo is a left winger. He likes to drive the team forward and is hard to stop on the ball. He’s quick and a good dribbler. When he’s on the ball, he goes as far as he feels he can to the opposition’s goal before distributing it to someone else, or a cross if he reaches the final third. Off the ball, he likes to find pockets of space to receive the ball in a dangerous area or disrupt the shape of the opposition.

What are his Strengths?

To begin with, his dribbling is excellent and his top trait. As mentioned above, he likes to drive forward and go as far as he feels he can, because he knows that he is a good dribbler and can beat many opposition defenders. He’s fearless and he’s great at resisting high pressure from defenders. In terms of how his pace compliments his dribbling, he’s fast and explosive.

His end product is also a highlight. While he still needs work on his final shot, he’s an excellent crosser and that is a great compliment to have as a winger of his type. There are a countless amount of wingers who are great at getting to the final third but usually don’t have great crossing. Anayo shouldn’t be seen in that category. As for his passing ability, it shouldn’t be listed as a strength but it should be noted that he doesn’t make long balls very often unless they are crosses into the box. He doesn’t often play it to the other side of the pitch and often his passing is short. The reason this is a positive to his game is because he doesn’t risk things that he knows he isn’t capable of achieving. He plays to his strengths and loves to give assists..

Lastly, his off the ball movement is superb. He knows how to find space and often finds himself in good goal scoring positions to receive the assist from one of his teammates. He also helps disrupt the opposition formation, as mentioned earlier.

What are his Weaknesses?

Earlier, it was mentioned that he’s shut many people up about his true level and this was because he showed a lot of weaknesses for Enyimba. While he’s developed and help cut out these weaknesses incredibly, there are still a few problems that should be noted.

First off is that he tends to overdo things at times when the team is attacking.

As for his technical weaknesses, his shooting could be better. He’s superb at getting into goal scoring positions, but usually shoots it straight to the keeper. When he’s expected to take a first time shot from a through ball on the wing or if he’s open on the edge of the box, he takes a first touch and takes a few seconds before shooting. This gives the opposition a chance to organize themselves and block the shot.

He’s also not the strongest player. Anayo isn’t exactly a diver, but a standing tackle can easily leave him on the floor. This is also an area where he has improved as he’s adjusting to the physical game. He still has ways to go however.

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