Ademetan Abayomi writes a detailed scout report about Sunshine Stars’ striker, Sad’eeq Yusuf Ahmat.

For those who have been attentively observing the Sunshine Stars in the last three years, it should be particularly obvious the lack of capable strikers which has affected the team.

It is time to search for valid solutions, and postponed talent, Sadeeq Yusuf seems to be rising to a good level.

Who is Sad’eeq Yusuf Ahmat?

Sad’eeq Yusuf Ahmat was born in Nigeria, on the 23rd of July of 1996. He started playing football when he was a kid, at GBS Academy. At the popular Academy he made plenty appearances and scored plenty goals.

In March 2015, he joined KAA Gent U21 from GBS Academy.

Thereafter, he played on loan for Haugesund, but scored only one goal in 7 appearances. After his experience in Norway, he returned to Gent and subsequently played for Plateau United.

What is his style of play?

Sad’eeq Yusuf Ahmat is a very different and special striker. He is a player that enjoys having the ball, working as main reference in quick offensive transitions but also in attacking build-up situations.

What are his strengths?

The former Gent striker is, above all, really technically gifted. His technical skills are unusual to find in a true striker. His technical skills make him, as stated before, an excellent player to participate in the team’s offensive manoeuvers, especially in attacking build-up processes from the defence.

Sa’deeq Yusuf is also a very intelligent player, more intelligent than most, and that allows him to be able to create several scoring opportunities for his teammates. A player’s intelligence is probably his best skill, as it allows him to comprehend the tactical behaviour of his team and the opposite team, and it often disguises some flaws such player might have. He stands out especially because he is a very intelligent forward, with great technical skills and also physically very strong.

The striker also has incredible confidence in his goal scoring ability. This confidence exudes from everything the striker does, which is what allowed him to net seven goals so far for Sunshine Stars in the 2020/21 NPFL season. He has such an appetite for goals and a pure finishing ability that he makes it look easy, like it’s something he does for fun.

What are his weaknesses?

Yusuf has a few aspects on which he should focus and improve.

With such a specified crop of skills like he has, you don’t tend to notice the weaknesses as much, but they are still there. His control is the only big issue for Sadeeq. While he has control in front of goal when it comes to putting the ball past opposing keepers, he doesn’t always have control when a shot isn’t there for the taking.

Simply put, he can get a bit too eager. He is a great dribbler and his main prerogative is to score. It only makes sense what his directive is going to be – get through anyone that may be in the way using his dribbling ability and then have a whack at the ball, which usually results in a goal.

The problem with that is that he is so hungry to score that he can get a bit out of control with his dribbling and get too ahead of himself. This is only a weakness in terms of the end result, because you can’t fault a striker for being eager to score goals. There just needs to be a bit more control introduced to his on-the-ball work.

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