Balogun commits future to Rangers

Super Eagles defender Leon Balogun commits his future to Rangers but reveals a move to Germany is possible in the future.

Born in Berlin, Leon Balogun stated that he is looking forward to playing in the Champions League next season. But he is not ruling out a return to the Bundesliga.

Speaking to German television Sport1: the Super Eagles defender believes Rangers can qualify for the Champions League.

“I was born in Berlin, and if there were another opportunity for me at home or in Germany, it would be outstanding.

“But with the Rangers, we are first looking at the Champions League, which could be possible if we successfully qualify.

“Who wants to miss this? When I stop playing football, I will return to Germany. If that happens before then, I don’t mind. But my near future lies with the Rangers.

Talking about the title, Balogun stated that he is happy to be part of the team that denied Celtic their tenth Championship title.

“That it happened in my first year isn’t even a priority. The cool thing about this thing is that I’m part of a team that has tried in the past few years to stop the other side of town and polish up the Rangers logo.

“It never worked, and this season the big topic was to stop their Ten in a Row” – that is, ten championships in a row – which neither team has yet succeeded in doing.

“That’s what’s much bigger about history, especially given the recent past. Sure, for me, it’s the first championship title in my career. But I have to let that sink in first.”

The former Mainz 05 defender is among the players invited by Gernot Rohr to prosecute the games against Lesotho and the Benin Republic this month.

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