As we all know that footballers are public figure that people tend to watch frequently on television and as such the tend to live a fancy life.

Some footballers usually make cool and nice hair cut but others tend to go extreme to make horrible haircut which usually make people laugh or talk about it. Below are 10 footballers who decided to go for a weird haircuts.

Top 10 Footballers With The Weirdest Hairstyles

1. Giovanni Simeone

This argentine striker Giovanni Simeon loved his hair barbed at the middle alone.

2. Taribo West

Former Nigerian player Taribo West prefer to make pigtails with an awful Colour green.

3. Fode Mansare

4. Ronaldo

5. Carlos Valderrama

6. Djibril Cisse

7. Joe Cole’s Red Stripe

8. Abel Xavier

9. Roberto Baggio

10. Rodrigo Palacio

This guy prefer a rat tail haircut

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