Oduduwa Nation Launch New Team & Kits

Oduduwa Nation is fast presenting itself as a reputable region to secede from Nigeria as they were seen forming a new football team.

There have been agitations for the creation of Oduduwa Nation, from the Yoruba region.

The agitation has led to several clashes between the Hausa, Igbo and the Yoruba tribe. Not only has the agitation led to civil unrest, it has caused division in Nigeria.

The Oduduwa Nation tends to parades itself as the descendants of the great Oduduwa who is referred to as the Founder of the Yoruba tribe.

Oduduwa Nation has gone ahead to launch a football Jersey for themselves and as well formed a football team.

According to reports, Oduduwa Nation wants to stand as a nation with a federal power.

Recall that Oduduwa Nation also launched their currency called ‘Fadaka’ which is a replacement for the Naira denomination for Nigeria.

Some of the agitators for Oduduwa Nation includes the popular and powerful Sunday Igboho and many other Yoruba personalities.

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