The attention of the Nigeria Nationwide League (NLO) has been drawn to the last round of matches holding tomorrow Thursday, April 22 at the Ode Omu Centre on the suspicion of match fixing which is envisaged in tomorrow’s game.

While we want to categorically affirm that Ojaja II FC has never been involved in any match fixing before or during this league, we will continue to maintain our integrity and play according to rules of the game.

However, as the last round of matches shall be holding tomorrow Thursday, here is our positions:

a. The current status of teams on the log at Ode Omu centre has made some clubs to be desperately searching for a win-at-all cost.

b. There is a suspicion of match fixing in tomorrow’s game and we call the attention of NLO to keep eagle eyes on all the matches holding tomorrow at Ode Omu.

c. We specifically challenge NLO to closely send delegates that will monitor our match against Olanshile FA as well as the match involving Mao FC vs Fehinty FC

d. Due to the sensitivity and importance of tomorrow’s game, particularly for Ojaja and Fehinty FC and to avoid any scandal, we suggest that matches involving Mao vs Fehinty and Olanshile vs Ojaja be holding at the same time

e. We also call the attention of Osun FA to ensure that there is a level playing field for all teams particularly for tomorrow’s games.

f. We also call on NRA to ensure that they maintain a very good standard officiating in the matches.

As we all know, Ojaja FC has never faulted anyone or challenged any official since the beginning of NLO in Ode Omu even during our loss to Fehinty.

We want to restate that as a team, with disciplined management and players coached by an experienced former Osun United and Cynosure FC Technical Adviser, Shina Afolabi, we shall continue to play according to the rules of the games as we have been doing.

However, we will not hesitate to take legal action against any scandal that may mar tomorrow’s game.

While thanking the NLO, NRA and Osun FA for their good efforts since the beginning of the NLO, we pray for the success of the event and a safe return of all teams to their respective homes.


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