Many do not believe the dark sided stories of Nigeran grassroot football players wanting to represent their fatherland – because they are far away from our Youths camps to know how things are done.

So many atrocities has ruined our football and will continue to do due to our greedy nature and sometimes ”Abandonment by the NFF”.

An average Nigerian who is desperate for recognition will do anything to achieve his goal including paying prices to get to the top which is common with upcoming footballers.

Our NFF focus more on the senior national team(s) resulting in our cadets tacticians doing just anything to survive especially when they could be owed for months or even years.

From information gathered, players have been asked to pay from 1.5 to 2 million naira for them to be picked for tournaments in recent years and more reason why many of the players don’t care about the well-being of these greedy coaches when they are old because they view them from afar as business partners rather than mentors.

How do we change this scourge?

By Coach uni Dan Kakwi


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