Venezia coach Paolo Zanetti has given an update on the availability of David Okereke for the Serie A match against Napoli.

Their first Serie A match in 19 years kicks off on Sunday at 19.45 UK time, at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona.

“We fought so hard to achieve this dream and now it is becoming a reality,” said Zanetti in his press conference.

“As I always tell the lads, we’re here because we deserve it and we created this opportunity for ourselves to face great champions in a top league. Many are in their first Serie A experience, so we must quickly understand the tempo of the game.”

Gianluca Busio and David Okereke are not yet available after transfers, while Mdolo, Aramu, Mazzocchi, Vacca and Crnigoj are injured.

“Last season, we were more based on technique than physicality, but we cannot compete on that level with Serie A teams, so needed to improve our physical presence on the pitch.

“Napoli have champions in every area of the team, they can play through you or drag you out of position, take players on one-on-one or pass quickly. We must learn something from every match, even the ones we lose, and I am sure we’ll have a great game.

“The pressure is on Napoli not just to beat Venezia, but to do it convincingly, so they could try to pour men forward and we’ve got some quick strikers who can hurt them on the counter. We need Napoli to be afraid of us too.

“I keep warning that if we just approach this season trying not to concede, we won’t get many results.”


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