Relevance and Consistency are 2 attributes that are very difficult to attain, let alone sustain in homosapiens and it is even more difficult to produce both at such a high level for decades, in the face of all manner of obstacles, variables and unforeseen circumstances

To attain such high octane level, one needs to possess a laser-like focus, an incredible sense of concentration, an overwhelmingly knack for hard work and an insatiable drive for attaining excellence

All the above, best describes His Excellency, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, who has remained relevant and consistent in his quest for the betterment of Ndi Igbo ever since he clocked 19 years of age and his capacity has kept growing astronomically, with each passing day which has seen him become much more than an individual, but has transcended into an institution, purely geared towards the holistic development, freedom and progress of Ndi Igbo

That fact that Ikemba Igbonine has not only sustained his incredible relevance and consistency for 3 decades, but has remained the cornerstone of virtually ever success story recorded in Igboland or by Ndi Igbo both at home and in diaspora, says a lot about him and his exemplary nature which speaks of amazing love, integrity, loyalty, patriotism and empathy

Ebubechukwu Uzo Nnewi’s antecedents, clearly make him The Greatest Of All Time in Igboland and Africa especially in the areas of Human Capital Development, Quality Representation of the people, unrelenting advocacy for the betterment of Ndi Igbo, unparalleled patronage of Made In Igboland goods and services, provision of outstanding health care for the people as well as being dependable towards ameliorating the travails of Ndi Igbo be it commercially, politically, economically and psychologically

Ide Egwuregwu has been a blessing to Igboland and it’s a good thing that he is very young because at 50, it means he still has at least 50 more years of active service and if he could achieve the impossible under 3 decades, I can’t even begin to imagine the heights and amazing achievements he will attain in the next 5 decades

We are indeed blessed and most fortunate to share the same timeline as Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah because future generations would definitely think he is a made-up persona owing to his seismic achievements which includes *_being the best Governor ever produced in Africa from 2022 till 2030, as Ndi Anambra massively voted for him and transformed the State into the pride of Africa_*

Happy Birthday Odogwu

By MercedesBenz


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