Good day all,

I’m happy all is well. This is Bonfrere Johannes former super eagles and Olympic coach of Nigeria. I’m writing you all this message based on the performance of the Nigeria super eagles team. Nigeria is my second home and I am familiar with the culture, food and the environment. Ever since my coaching experience in Nigeria I have always kept track of the national teams in all competition played. When I was the coach of the Nigeria super eagles, the organization, structure and pattern of the super eagles brought Nigeria national team to be 5th/6th in the worlds ranking. But the Nigeria super eagles of today lack pattern, organization and a structure. I follow all the players of the super eagles home and abroad. I know their abilities and how they all play in their various football clubs. The problem the super eagles is facing today is lack of ideas from the coach. The history of the coach matters and the coach keep using failed patterns just like in Russia, Africa nation cup matches. I have watched coach Rohr in different matches and there is no single pattern he uses. No effective formation and the players don’t understand themselves. The players can’t hold the ball to themselves for up to 3secs.

I’m not trying to castigate my colleague but his knowledge needs to be upgraded to the new modern football. At this Era the Nigeria super eagles has to have a PATTERN. When I coach it is guaranteed my players score a goal and more in respect to the kind o formation and pattern I use.

There was no such thing as a tough team for Nigeria then rather if was Nigeria who was the tough team and I remember in 2002 Ghana vs Nigeria everyone could see the impact. Also when Senegal was leading Nigeria by a goal I brought in Julius Aghahowa and we were able to turn the score line against Senegal. In the U23 national team we played against and won teams who Nigeria super eagles today see as threat like Egypt, Senegal, Cameroon.

It was so embarrassing to see Central Africa Republic a country who doesn’t have its own stadium to come to Nigeria and win the super eagles. The kind of pattern the coach use matters a lot.

For instance in the last game against Cape Verde, the super eagles played the match like they were away. With the quality players present on that day for Nigeria it was so sad the coach could not make good use of them. Before the super eagles coach could think of substitution the opponent already made more than 5 substitution. God be the glory Cape Verde didn’t score in the second half and at the last minute was so restless because Cape Verde pressured and had chances of winning the match.

I’m happy Odion Ighalo is back to the team but he wasn’t supposed to start the match. The coach should have started Paul Onwuachu who is one of the best scorers in his club to tag with Victor Osimhen. Then In the 2nd half 20 minutes to go he introduces Ighalo with his experience and haven’t studied the game from the bench he will make a difference in the score sheet. Yes experience matters but he can’t allow Ighalo to run up to 70 minutes of the game.

There was no communication, no openings, no one making runs, no play maker. Unlike before when Sunday Oliseh have the ball, on the left you see Emmanuel Amuneke, on the right you see Finidi George or Babagida in the center you see Daniel Amokachi or late Yekini but if he can’t make the ball through to any of them he gives it to Jayjay Okocha the play maker.

Yes Nigeria have the talents and it’s very easy to work with a professional player with experience like the super eagles have all you have to do is to train them and let them know the pattern to be played. Coach Rohr has been coaching the super eagles for 6/7 years now and he has no pattern. It doesn’t take up to 2 months to create a team and make a pattern for the team. On this note, I can come on a rescue mission to resurrect the super eagles. I’m familiar with some of the current assistant coach Salisu I Yusuf know him well, Joseph Yobo and I will be happy to have Daniel Amokachi or Emmanuel Amuneke to be part of my technical crew. I will bring licensed and experienced coaches in addition to the mentioned names to be part of the team to train the players in their movement, fitness, positions and abilities. After this is executed the whole Nigeria will be watching the national team play while drinking champagne because it is guaranteed that Nigeria is winning the match. There are lot of corrections to be made and adjustment in the team particularly in selection of the players. In selecting the players the coach should bring in about 22 foreign based players and 5 best home based players or 8 to be in the camp. The home based players will train with them and you can use them during matches when the game is stabled and by this the home based players will build their team t become champions of Africa. Nigeria is one of the countries in the world where you can raise 3 solid national teams and in each wings there will be 3 best so you have options of who to use and when to use the player.

I’m ready to rescue the team like I said and this is the time for the Nigeria national team to wake up. I suggested Amokachi and Amuneke because they have the spirit of winning. They have their prides in football and they fight till they accomplish the goal they can use the same as a coach , I can restructure the National team with them and sign a year contract or whichever and when I live they can carry on the winning legacy. There will no longer be a need for a foreign coach because I and my team would upgrade the knowledge of the coaches and impact the world coaching standard in them. Nigeria super eagles will be able to produce 3 teams that can be used any time and each team will produce same excellent result regardless of who the opponent is. This is the time for the Nigeria national team to think ahead and go beyond Africa football.

This is my suggestion. I’m available upon request and I assure my dear Nigerians we will get it right as long as we work hand in hand. If you’re bringing someone to the team you have to bring someone who feels at home, who knows the in and out of the players and eat same eba and egusi the players eat, drink same water with them and is familiar with Nigeria culture. The technical team have to be watching the Nigeria premier league as I always do and it was the home based players I used to qualify to the olympics. That was how I discovered many good players who I have good relationship with till date. Let’s get it right this time and I’m ready to make it right because Nigeria is my second home after my country Netherlands. We will bring the Unity through football. Thank you all and remain blessed.

From Coach bonfrere Johnnesse Fransiscus


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