Every era has its defining moments for men and women who shape history, either for good or for bad.This, perhaps, captures the story around Union Berlin striker Taiwo Awoniyi, whose philosophy is not about winning football matches on the pitches alone, but also help others when necessary.

More than one-third of the West African nation’s 15.4 million inhabitants live below the poverty line; so, it would be an understatement to say that Awoniyi’s contribution is a huge help to his people and government of Nigeria.

Unlike many other African footballers (both active and retired) that think about themselves and family members alone, Awoniyi believes that a smile could change someone’s destiny for good. So, he will do everything within his limit to put smiles on faces of people around him. Outside the football pitch, the former Liverpool striker has proven his ability as an excellent manager of men and resources, as well as a great mobiliser of the youths. The goal poacher has always given back to his community by executing humanitarian projects in different parts of Kwara.

Since returning to his native Kwara for summer holidays, the goal banger has been blessing footballers, supporters, old women and family members large amount of money to boost their morale.

On Monday, the soft spoken lad showed love to four teams at the Kwara FA Cup and even blessed old women who were at the Stadium Complex.

The ex Mainz star stormed the Kwara Stadium Complex on Tuesday for personal training. Fans chanted Awoniyi! Awoniyi! He blessed over 200 fans at the Stadium and they all went home rejoicing and praying for the forward.

Not just at the Stadium, the attacker has changed the lives of many families by supporting their businesses with juicy amount of money.

One Mr Nurudeen confirmed to Futbalgalore.com.ng that Awoniyi is God sent. According to him, the striker boosted his life when hope was lost and since then business has boomed. Nurudeen mused that Awoniyi is the hope of the distressed.

Another woman who craved anonymity said that the striker is cheerful giver. She prayed that God continue to uplift Awoniyi.


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