The Love Story between NFF President Amanju Pinnick and the 44 Congress Men of the Nigeria Football General Assembly has never been born out of genuine love when we look back to how it all started in 2014.

For anybody who is a student of Nigeria Football History, at least for the Past Eight years, will understand clearly that a Marriage that is not built on Genuine Love , Divorce is waiting at the end.

This is the summary of what is currently happening between the embattled NFF President, Pinnick, and the State FA Chairmen, who constitute majority of the Congress Men .

More than half of the Congress Men are currently eager to end their Romance with Pinnick, which many Followers of Nigerian Football say, it is not a surprise

Some of the Congress Men claimed, they know the Marriage will eventually lead to a Divorce after they tried to stay faithful on their own part to keep the relationship going for the past eights years but disloyalty, Lack of Respect and Failure to Perform his own part of the Marital Duties, are some of the things they got back in return.

This relationship started in September 2014 in Warri, Delta State, in a wedding that was hurriedly put together, after the Controversial Election of Ambassador Chris Giwa in Abuja as NFF President.

In that Election in Warri, Amaju Pinnick was never the choice of the Congress men.

The Congress men had resolved to vote for Mallam Shehu Dikko but Dikko was not allowed to be part of the Process and it is not a hidden truth that Pinnick was forced on them by the then outgoing NFF President Aminu Maigari, who gave him all his support.

Even Maigari today has Spoken about how he regrets all he did to help Pinnick become the NFF President ( That is a Story for Another Day ).

So the Marriage between Pinnick and the Congress Men definitely started on a shaky note where true Love was never the Foundation.

Fast Forward to 2018, Four Years into the Marriage in Katsina, it was another reluctant Ceremony by the Congress Men to renew their vows.

Infact there were alot of fear, and rightly so, that a Divorce was eminent but the FA Chairmen decided to continue with the abusive Relationship after Heaven and Earth were promised (some said it was Dollar reign in the Katsina Election).

It is well documented what each FA Chairman got in Dollars just to save the Marriage from the impending Divorce.

But like what they often say, how long can a woman endure or stay in an Abusive Marriage?

So after Eight years of enduring failed Promises, Disloyalty, Lack of Respect and Selfish Ambitions, the Congress Men seem to be saying this time around the Divorce is inreversible.

For the Past Eight Years , the Congress Men could not muscle courage to file for Divorce despite several threats but this time around, to show that it’s not business as usual, they have officially filed for one .

They have taken the initiative to take some bold steps in recent months and at the moment they have respectfully ask the NFF President to call for a Congress and they are not even joking about it.

And Pinnick, in his usual Street-Wise manner, already seeing what is coming, is playing all sorts of games to avoid calling the Congress, knowing full well that the Congress Men might have finally woken up to their Responsibilities.

The Feelings from the Congress Men is that this time around, the Ship has sailed and they are very resolute to play their Part to effect Meaningful changes to Nigeria Football.


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