The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Executive Member and Chairman of the NFF Technical and Development Committee, Alhaji Ahmed Yusuf ‘Fresh’ has debunked the untrue story being circulated by an online media outlet, InsideGlassHouse that; he has capitulated to supporting the third term ambition of the NFF President, Mr. Amaju Pinnick.

According to the said inaccurate report; “The LMC Chairman Shehu Dikko and NFF Executive Committee Member Ahmed Yusuf ‘Fresh’ have finally given up their ambition to lead Nigeria Football and have instead gone ahead to tell some members of the NFF Congress they will now support Amaju Pinnick’s bid for a third term in office.”

The Niger State Football Association Chairman has called the news unhealthy and urged the public to discard the inaccurate news report published by the online organization on July 31st.

“It is unhealthy to spread the rumor of pledge or support to the incumbent and perhaps, any of the NFF Presidential aspirants, which is not even known to me. We are not even at this stage yet and I didn’t meet with any group to pledge my support to any individual. We have been focused on various projects with the National Teams and the task on the Technical Committee desk makes it difficult to think about Football politics right now; We just want to continue working and to keep our football pedigree at the Top.

“To set the record straight without being perfidious but in a statutory way, the entire NFF congress members are the people who have the right to vote in or for any of the NFF Presidential aspirants and Executive Members and not Yusuf Fresh or Mallam Dikko as inaccurately reported in the media publication.

“The decision to vote whoever wants to be NFF President would be decided on the floor of the NFF Elective Congress. This is statutory process and it has been like that from time immemorial, and no one would bypass what is enshrined, and established in the constitution, which is also backed by the NFF Statute.

“It’s actually nauseating and unthinkable to ascribe the ‘Inalienable rights’ of over 40 people to me, Dikko, Ibrahim Gusau or any of the Executive Members as the influencers of who becomes the NFF President at the expense of other congress men Will or Right to Vote; This, I believe would be a way of paying less regard to their Importance in the Electoral process.

“I urge the general public, especially the entire Football stakeholders in Nigeria to filter away the said news, as we focus on the task ahead systematically,” said Yusuf.


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