Playing surfaces that are too hard and do not absorb a sufficient amount of shock will transfer that force to an athlete’s body, resulting in a wide range of injuries including everything from minor joint and muscle difficulties to serious breaks, sprains and concusions.

The shock absorbing properties of a playing surface are measured by a ration called Gmax where a lower number indicates better shock absorption. According to an ASTM national standard, the Gmax limit is 200, above which a field is considered unsafe. A typical, well-maintained natural grass surface is rated at 80-120.

A properly maintained Monimichelle Sports hybrid Synthetic signature pitch with 100% natural plant based infill(Hybrid Synthetic) is rated at 80-125 with the required level of natural infill.

An 100% rubber infill synthetic turf pitch is rated at 140-170.

Monimichelle brand is one of the best in Africa.

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