The 36 Lion is making waves. In the past two years, the Nigerian center has managed to bring three of its products to the fore. Players who attract attention and undoubtedly illustrate the quality of the work that is done there.

Collin Sor, Samson Akinyoola, Junior Ajayi and more recently, Moses Usor, are part of the pride of this center. The significant value of each of these transactions is a measure of the quality of the products that come out. Over the past two years, this center has stood out on the transfer market. A good proof that on the transfer market, African football remains very viable if everything is successful from the start.

36 Lion, a philosophy

The 36 Lion is in fact an important branch of the vision of Gafar Liameed the bearer of this project. Located in Lagos, aims to help children aged 9 to 18 achieve their dream. The idea is to give better chances to young people in the country and in the sub-region, who dream of professional football careers.

Several detection tournaments are organized. Between studies and football, the training aims to bring out future models in the end.

Yira Sor, the most recent shot

This summer, Yira Sor has been linked to Genk, the forward is favored by observers for his ability to succeed at the top level.

Another rising star is Moses Usor, the attacking midfielder who has taken Czech Republic by storm.


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