Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Presidential Aspirant, Dr. Christian Emeruwa has revealed why the Statutes Amendment might not be effected.

The CAF Integrity Officer stated this on NSM Thursday.

He commented: “On the statutes amendment I must say yes it is a good thing and desirable but the truth be told it is currently affected by the following for now:

1. Time factor: with the elective congress barely weeks from now the process of getting five members to sponsor the amendment is there.

2. The time to come up with the draft and convey same to FIFA and CAF is also affected by time factor.

3. The time to get the feedbacks from FIFA and CAF and reflect any suggest amendments to the submitted document is also affected by time.

4. The time to circulate the amended sections based on the fifa and CAF recommendations is also affected by time.

5. Finally for the fact that nigeria urgently want to see an expanded congress and thus a review of her statutes does not compel either fifa or CAF to give accelerated consideration to the drafts sent to them to consider as they also deal.

With 211 countries incase of FIFA and 54 countries incase of CAF and these countries all including nigeria need to be treated equally.

6. I will submit that the elective congress be made to include in the agenda a motion for the review of the statutes and incorporation of an expanded congress in its next annual
General meeting under a new leadership this based on what I know is the best that can happen now again based on the factor of time. Between now and September 30 time will not permit for the process to lead into a statute amendment meaning there is also no time to covoke an emergency congress. See attached statutes provision you need one month to call for an emergency congress and one fifth members must write to request for it. The emergency congress I mentioned is after the elective congress of September 30 2022 and before the annual general assembly of 2023.

“My final word on this is let’s be guided not to circumvent the law in our bid to rewrite the law I submit,” he added.


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