For the frontrunner in the forthcoming Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) presidential election, Dr. Christian Emeruwa, the wealth of experiences he has gathered while working for the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) and presently with the continental football authority Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) will benefit Nigeria football if he becomes the next president of the federation.

He also said that he is using his campaign to tell his own story, the story of where Nigeria football is currently and also to show them where Nigeria can be and how to get there, adding that telling the story is not difficult for him.

Speaking at different fora in the past few weeks, both during his strategic meetings with critical stakeholders in football across Nigeria and the vibrant Nigerian media, Dr. Emeruwa has explained that he is presenting himself to serve as the President of NFF because he wants to bring something different in the the management of Nigeria football.

According to him, all he has been doing is to present the impediments to the growth of football in Nigeria and to point out the way forward to the stakeholders and to explain to them that we have been doing the same thing for over so many years and it has not taken Nigeria anywhere.

“But we are privileged by the position we occupy today to see what is happening across 54 countries in Africa and also see what is happening across the world and we are saying that there is a whole lot of things we can bring in to change things that we have in Nigeria.

And Nigeria is a big country. We are the largest economy in Africa and the amount of things we can doing in Nigeria is unimaginable and we are not doing anything. I am very happy, I must say that the responses I have been getting from the stakeholders that I have engaged have been very positive,” the candidate concluded.

Dr. Emeruwa who is the Head of Safety and Security Department of Confederation of Africa Football CAF in Cairo, Egypt, is the only NFF presidential candidate out of 11
who has held Consultative Meetings with NFF Zonal Delegates where he has presented his strategic plans to create a viable football economy that will benefit stakeholders if voted into the office.

The former Head of Integrity Unit of NFF has already
met with the NFF Zonal Delegates from North Central, North East, North West, South East and South West just as the meeting with the South South geopolitical zone will take place this week.


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