Smart City head coach Gafar Mohammed expressed his joy after beating Jo Sportyne on day 2 of Jagaban Cup on Wednesday.

The newly promoted Nigeria National League side successfully emerged victorious 2-1 yesterday, thus picking seven points from three games.

Speaking to the media after the game, Gafar Mohammed expressed his happiness.

“We’re like a family here, we lose together and we win together. I’d like to congratulate everyone. The feeling is fantastic. When you set out a plan that is working for you the joy is there,” Gafar Mohammed said.

“Our performance was balanced, we respected our opponents and enjoyed the game.

“We showed 30% of our real power and our team spirit is what mattered the most on the pitch.

“We played against a very smart team, but they lost.

“I am very happy with our progress so far. The game against FC Bethel will be very difficult but we will play to win.”

Coach Gafar Mohammed commented organizers of Jagaban Cup for a great job.


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