The coalition of aggrieved former players of Bayelsa United has appealed to the state government to pay them their contractual money.

The coalition made the appeal, in a statement made available to and signed by over 25 ex players of the club.

According to the statement, the inability of the management of Bayelsa United to urgently address the situation is giving them concerns .

“It is saddening to note that we are dying on a daily basis, as most of us are on special diet and drugs, but cannot even afford the funds to maintain ourselves.”

The aggrieved players said they have been suffering since the club refused to settle all the contract money due to them.

“Some of us have become beggars, scavengers, refugees, fugitives and destitutes.”

They however threatened to organise a massive protest to Bayelsa State House if their demands are not met.

“If this inhumanity to man meted to us persists, we may be forced or tempted to use our numerical strength and adopt a different strategy to our problem,” the union warned.


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